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bathroom renovation

It may be inconvenient if your bathroom is far from your bed or bedroom. This is most true for old people or those who frequently go to the bathroom. For some, having an en suite bathroom or “in the room” bathroom is more convenient for them.

Rockhampton Bathroom Renovations prides itself for specialising in en suite bathroom design, installation, repair, and even maintenance services in Rockhampton and in nearby areas.

With us, we can create the most well-constructed bathroom or just restore the one already existing. In doing so, we always make sure that we only create the most beautiful and well functioning bathrooms in Australia.

To help you improve your en suite bathrooms, here are more things that Rockhampton Bathroom Renovations can help you with:

  • We remove clutters and give more space.
    With our quality materials and services, we can transform your old bathroom into a paradise. To do this, we will make most of the available spaces and remove all that is unnecessary. This will make your bathroom a more breathable place. We provide customised floating shelves, cabinets, and sliding doors to add more functionality to your bathroom.
  • We enhance the lighting of your bathroom.
    A clean and well-lit bathroom is what makes your shower experience relaxing. Setting up the proper lights will avoid mold and insects from settling in. Our services include installing wide windows to cater more natural light as well as putting up exhaust fans to prevent odor and moisture.
  • We turn tiny bathrooms into larger ones.
    Most people complain about their small bathrooms. But with the little space they have, they are usually constrained to make bold decisions. People in this situation would wish to have their small bathrooms at least have the illusion of making it bigger. However, if you entrust this to the expert bathroom fitters, you can make this possible.

Our experts at Rockhampton Bathroom Renovations can install large-sized tiles with light or neutral colours like grey or cream. This will make a huge difference in your once tiny and cramped bathroom?

Your One-Stop Destination for All Your En Suite Bathroom Renovation Needs

Rockhampton Bathroom Renovations strives to be the top destination for all your bathroom renovation needs. As such, our services are always compliant to industry standards and regulations.

Included in our customised package are creating bathroom renovation designs and performing excellent services such installation, maintenance and repair. We are committed to making your dream bathroom come to life.

Have you ever dreamt of having your own en suite bathroom built? Then pick up the phone and give our bathroom fitters a call.