bathroom tiling

In the bathroom renovation process, tile installation is one of the most time-consuming and intricate parts to do. Also, the tiles used represent a huge chunk of your expenses. The longevity of your bathroom wall and flooring are dependent on the quality of tiles and manner of installation.

You must consider both quality and beauty when choosing your tile. When it comes to tile installation, you need the help of expert bathroom fitters to avoid damage and unnecessary costs in the long run.

If you are uncertain of which type of tile to us, let our experts at Rockhampton Bathroom Renovations give you a hand. Here are the different options for tile flooring:

  • Vinyl Tiles – they provide a wide range of colours and textures styles. This makes them a versatile option as a tile flooring material for bathrooms. They are easy to install and highly durable. You must keep in mind that the qualities of these tiles are dependent on the tile manufacturer.
  • Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles – these tiles can last for decades or even more when they are properly coated. They are proven to be highly-durable as they can withstand heavy traffic, moisture, and mold in the bathroom. In terms of the look, porcelain and ceramic are created beautifully. One disadvantage of this type is that they may not be that comfortable for when bare-footed.
  • Plastic Laminated Tiles – bulky tiles may not be suitable for all and they may cost much. These are great for those who don’t like tiles that increase the height of the floor once installed.  These tiles are easily pliable, making them easy to install. When installed poorly, water may seep in.
  • Glass Tiles – these provide your bathroom a classy and sleek finish. This type is perfect for those who want their bathrooms to look luxurious. Also, you can stain or tint glass tiles, depending on your design.
  • Wood Tiles – these tiles might be risky option for bathroom flooring. They may give that natural and warm look, but wood tiles are prone to getting wet and moist. In the long run, your wood tiles will easily get damaged. For powder rooms, this might be a better option.
  • Stone Tiles – they create an earthy and warm look for your bathroom interior. These are also very durable when sealed properly. These require regular maintenance to preserve its beauty.

Our experts at Rockhampton Bathroom Renovations are always ready to help you choose and install the right tiles for your bathroom renovation. To find out more about our high-grade tiling products and services, give us a call today.